** Note **
I am working on a total revamp of my portfolio site in order to reflect my work with YG Laboratories as well as my work here on the Kwirk Creative project. Thank you for bearing with me and please feel free to view the samples posted here in the mean time.

Cell Youth Actif is the new star of the YG Laboratories ready to wear skincare line. I worked in conjunction with our CEO to create this brochure to reflect the clinical nature of the product as well as the clean slate that it gives your skin. 

When I was working on the packaging for the Fresh Organics line I wanted to take the tried and true packaging we've all become familiar with in natural lines and give it a modern spin. The solution was to keep the exterior packaging holding the set in the traditional style, and then give the labels and packaging a more modern approach. It is worth noting that the box for the Facial Moisturizer is made of seed paper. When planted the paper will disintegrate and the seeds within will produce colorful wildflowers.

Opus One is known as a premium wine favored by connoisseurs throughout the country. The rich taste reflects their own rich history. I wanted to create an event poster for their company that reflected both aspects. Using the Art Deco style I was able to design a piece the captures the opulence and history of the brand.

This is one of the many designs from my Kwirk Creative wedding line. When creating this design I had the particular couple in mind. Christina and Caleb's wedding is shaping up to be quite the affair! In working with them they told me they wanted to reflect their design for a classic, elegant and MOdern wedding. But the key for them was that it should have just enough of a unique style that it should stand out in a crowd. They couldn't have been more pleased with the final design. My thanks to them in including me in their special day!