Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kwirk At Large - Who is This Chick Anyway?

It's about time that I introduce myself properly. I'm Nicole, Nicki, Nic... heck just don't call me "Nnnnn" and we'll get along fine. 

I am a professional graphic designer with a bachelors degree from the Art Institute of California. In my normal 9 to 5 I am the head of the art department at a small beauty company in Huntington Beach, California. I spend my days updating our catalogs, designing and sending out e-blasts, creating custom packaging, managing projects and I am now in the works of creating an internship program for my department. I've freelanced for several years creating branding strategies for small businesses and even doing a little advertising on the side. 

While I love my job in the corporate world, I miss working with clients on a one-to-one basis. That's where Kwirk comes in. I started Kwirk Creative as a way to get in touch with people who want custom designed stationery for special events, personal use or even for their businesses. I have a special love for wedding design and small business branding, but my portfolio is varied and I enjoy a challenge. 

That's me in a nut shell - professionally anyway. 

The personal side of things is bound to leak through here and there. 

Back to the Grind - Nic

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